Immunity Garden: The Ultimate Guide of Immune Booster Plants

You know that for years, people have relied on herbs and other medicinal plants to boost immunity and treat medical conditions naturally and domestically. The herbal plants, home garden plants at your hand, boost your immunity and also helps in the activity of cells responsible for fighting infection.

It also helps in improving our overall well-being. Also, a good immunity booster garden at our home yard can act as a vital in this covid time and can also be a good tool in our current war against coronavirus infection.

So, we have introduced a concept of gardening herbal plants in your backyard or you can say an Immunity Garden at your own home to enthuse you and energize you.

How to Boost Immunity Naturally?

By living life organically, we can have an enhanced immune system. For that kind of living we must go in for habitual changeovers, lifestyle changes, etc, Dietary or medicinal intakes play a critical role when it comes the way of being natural. To get quality intakes for food and medicinal needs, we need to have a pro approach on DIY farming and gardening. Though everybody cannot own or cultivate the pulses and spices, we are not forcing that.

Then also, we can own a small backyard, balcony or terrace herbal immunity booster garden and a small veg farm. It doesn’t need much area and much nurturing time.

All the people on earth are dependent on plants, because without plants we cannot survive. Plants provide most of the things we need to live our lives. Plants also help to boost our body’s immune system which is the most important system of our body to fight against viruses and also keeps us healthy.

You know that the plants you are planting in your home benefit more than others. Now home gardening is best for everyone at this time, as you can plant immune booster plants in your home, which helps to boost your immune system in this Covid time.

A perfect immune system in our body only will help us to protect against abnormal cells, bacteria, and viruses.

Importance of an Immunity Booster Garden

You can get many unexpected benefits from gardening, especially an immunity garden, no matter what your age is. Gardening makes your yard even more beautiful and you can also get fresh vegetables that provide lots of nutrients.

You can start growing certain types of herbs and nutritional things in your yard that will help keep you healthy and boost your immunity all the time. If you are doing gardening, then it is also a physical activity that gives you great benefits to the body and sharpens your mind. Not only exercise help the immune system to function properly, but also your daily diet plan does according to scientific research.

In addition, exercise promotes the release of hormones in the body, such as norepinephrine and epinephrine, which reduce inflammation caused by infection. Moreover, T-cells proliferate by engaging in some type of routine physical activity and therefore regulate the immune system.

If you want to keep healthy and safe then you have to do exercise every day. We also recommend you do gardening in your yard to make it beautiful and get fresh and healthy veggies. Apart from that, there are a lot of benefits of gardening in Yard.

First, you will also exercise on the same pretext and you know how much benefit you get from exercise. After that, if you could do gardening in your yard, then grow fresh and healthy vegetables, which will keep you healthy.

After this, you can also plant some type of immunity booster plants in your immunity garden, which will keep you healthier and disease-free and will also boost your immune system to stay healthy.

You know that due to lack of adequate sleep and infection-fighting antibodies, our body can stop the production of proteins called cytokines.

This can make us more susceptible to the disease caused by lack of sleep and also slow down our recovery. Physical exercise in the garden makes our body tired, so we promote good sleep patterns.

You can eat whole foods including turmeric, ginger, lemon, amla, parsley, and other natural herbs that help protect you from disease. In particular, you should eat protein-rich foods that produce the amino acids that make up the cells to operate your immune system.

These are best for you if you eat foods rich in vitamins A, B6, C, E, and zinc, as they provide antioxidants that greatly improve our immune response. Foods with high concentrations of plant pigments called beta-carotene are rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

Natural Immune Booster Plants in Your Garden

Natural Immune Booster Plants in Your Garden

Here we have mentioned some Immunity Booster Plants that you must grow in your yard, that will really help you and your family to boost immunity. These natural herbs support the immune system to function properly.

Most herbs have medicinal properties that help prevent many diseases. You are aware that more than hundreds of medicinal plants and herbs are widely used in traditional medicine and some others help in boosting immunity as well.


First of all, you should grow herbs in your immunity garden, which are the most popular immunity boosters among all. You can grow herbs like Tulsi, parsley, dill, and rosemary herbs, you can use these fresh herbs to grow a variety of herbs in the home garden.

In addition, these herbs like parsley have many health benefits as they are rich in essential vitamins A, K, and C. Moreover, herbs are generally rich in flavonoids which protect against seasonal diseases as well as virus attacks. Furthermore, as said earlier, the best thing about these herbaceous plants is that they often do not require many large pots to grow.

Gooseberry (Amla)

Amla contains vitamin B-complex, phosphorus, calcium, carotene, and iron. It is having highly bioactive tannins and alkaloids that exhibit strong oxidative free radical scavenging activity. These components significantly enhance the protective antioxidant actions of vitamin C, which help nourish the brain and promote a healthy heart.

You can include it in your immunity garden. Amla promotes healthy hair, helps in the urinary system, and improves skin quality.


Turmeric is used as an essential spice in their daily lives to ensure maximum use of this extremely beneficial herb and the most effective treatment medicines. As a natural remedy against stomach upsets caused by many diseases such as stomach aches, distance, and food-related problems.

The use of turmeric in many formulas to promote digestion and reduce the discomforts and pains related to stomach disorders is being in practice for millenniums here. Overall you can consider it into the kitchen gardening process, but it is a great idea to grow turmeric in your immunity garden.


Basil is a very popular Indian herb that has antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal properties for reducing levels of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and chlorophyll, flavanols, as well as stress and plasma glucose.

Tulsi is rich in vitamins, iron, calcium, and other nutrients for many health benefits. You can take it in boiling water with ginger and turmeric roots. You can grow Tulsi in your home immunity garden and add a fabulous herb to your daily life routine, which will help fight many infections and viruses.

Honey/Bee Farming

If you are thinking of starting a home immunity garden, then definitely include it too. You already know that honey is the best source of vitamins and nutrients. Honey has a lot of antioxidants, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. It also helps in boosting immunity as we do in the previous items.

Honey also contains dextromethorphan which is commonly used to make cough medicine. To increase your immunity, you have to consume two spoons of honey daily in your diet.


The body requires a lot of vitamins to perform its daily functions. And many people are also looking for different sources to meet these needs. So, lemon is also the best one that will fulfill your needs.

Lemon is also one of the best sources of vitamins. It also helps in controlling blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy. Also, it helps in boosting your immunity. You can take it in many ways during the day. If you drink a glass of water with lemon, it will keep you hydrated as well as boost your immunity.

So, bring a lemon tree plant also to your immunity garden.


Ginger is also one of the best food items, so you must include this in your daily diet. For centuries people have used this healthiest item in the form of spices that makes their food tastier. It also helps to make your mind more powerful.


Making an immunity garden at your home is a great idea to make your health active and healthy. You can grow plenty of herbs apart from this like Curry leaves, Cumin, Oregano etc in your home garden and make yourself on track.

There are multiple benefits of this immunity garden as its name sounds cool. In this article, we have shared lots of home garden ideas, what to grow in your garden, and much more.

If you found this article helpful, then you can share it with your family and friends as well. If you have any questions related to this topic let us know in the comment section below.

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