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Golden or Turmeric Milk Latte is a highly beneficial drink that is fast gaining popularity in the West. Turmeric has many benefits like it enhances your immunity, heals joint pains, digestive issues, diabetes, headaches, colds which are some of many more advantages.

Do you also feel better in taking Ayurveda medicines in lieu of English medicines, you are also more dependent on Ayurveda factors to keep your body fit? Or do you also keep searching Ayurveda products on Google for yourself or your family?

If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Today, in this article, we will only talk about Ayurveda and try to tell our viewers the best facts and measures of Turmeric Milk, as well as our review about the Best 5 Turmeric Milk Latte Amazon products.

You just have to carefully read the article till the end

Well in these recent times when pandemic has affected all across the globe, people have opted for many Ayurveda recipes for dealing a happy and immune life. Turmeric milk latte is one such drink that has seen a high consumption during Covid 19. Health experts consider this as an immunity booster drink.

It is often celebrated as’ Golden Milk’ and in our land ‘Haldi Milk’.

Though it does not cure Corona, but it increases your immunity. A strong immune system decreases the chances of contracting corona. It also helps in faster cure if already contracted to the disease.

Turmeric latte calories

This magical golden milk proves very beneficial for fat reduction. Turmeric milk contains dietary fibre. This helps to weight gain but reduces fat. A tablespoon if turmeric contains 29 calories, 2 gm fibre, 1 gm protein and 6 gm carbohydrates.

It also contains phosphorus, manganese and potassium. Thus, turmeric with milk especially helps in accelerating weight loss process.

Glad to say again that the golden milk helps to burn fat!

In a study by Italian researchers, it showed that it doubles the weight loss and also burns fat from 0.7 to 8.5 percent.  

Turmeric latte, Good During Pregnancy?

Turmeric latte, good during pregnancy?

The U.S Food and Drug Administration says that turmeric is GRAS i.e., “generally regarded as safe.” Any specific research has not been done whether turmeric is good during pregnancy.

Hence, pregnant women are recommended to consult a doctor for specific quantity they can intake. It is generally seen that a pinch of turmeric added to a glass of milk proves very beneficial.

This Haldi milk is a major source of dietary calcium. Pregnant women also include turmeric milk in their diet that helps to relieve joint pains, muscle sore and also decreases inflammation.

It is also seen that during pregnancies there is an increase in cholesterol and triglycerides. According to a research, turmeric helps to control the cholesterol level.

Haldi milk is also beneficial to cure sore throats. It is mentioned in the Ayurveda that a pinch of turmeric added to boiled milk helps in curing mucus and finally relieves sore throat. Haldi or turmeric has a natural active ingredient Curcumin.

That is why, it is also known as Curcuma Longa. It is used as a basic ingredient in preparation of many medicines.

With its powder format, turmeric is also available in capsules.

Note: Pregnant women are advised not to intake any such capsule without a doctor’s recommendation.

It is also advisable not to have a turmeric latte every day in pregnancy. Too much intake is more harmful than useful during pregnancy.

Turmeric latte, Good Before Bed?

A study released by UCLA in the year 2018, it states that 90 milligrams of turmeric intake everyday increases memory and attention benefits.

Turmeric milk is a significant ingredient to decrease depression. The same has also been proven by researchers in the year 2014.

Turmeric milk latte is good before bed for people suffering from arthritis. Two such studies were carried out which showed that RA or rheumatoid arthritis patients suffered less pain after 8 days’ intake of 500mg of turmeric.

The pain was lesser in people who took pain killers for the same.

Curcumin in Haldi prevents breast, colorectal, pancreatic and prostate cancer.

How to prepare Turmeric latte Blend?

It is very simple to prepare the beneficial turmeric milk. Take one cup of milk or any other plant-based option. Boil this in a sauce pan.

Add one tea spoon of turmeric or Haldi. Mix them well. In lukewarm temperature you can also add honey for taste. If you want to have your drink cold, then you can have it only after following above steps.

Does Turmeric latte taste good?

Golden Turmeric Milk tastes better with some added spices. Some like it with added cinnamon and pepper.

You may also add ginger. Some have it without any added spices by just adding some honey syrup.

You can add any of the added ingredients mentioned as per your taste. Generally, without any added spice it tastes little bitter or taste less.

Does Turmeric latte stain teeth?

Turmeric is well known to stain anything that comes in its touch. Overtime drinking of turmeric milk latte can lead to staining of your teeth.

If you see any such yellow mark on your teeth, you may clean it using baking soda. You may apply it on your teeth and keep it for few minutes before washing it. Once done if you still see any stain, redo the above. 

Ingredients added with turmeric that increase nutritional value

As we have mentioned above, how important Turmeric Milk is for the human body, but do you know that if you mix some Ayurveda herbs in Turmeric Milk, then this Turmeric Milk works for your body in many ways.

When we take Ayurveda medicines like Ginger, Ashwagandha, Saffron with Turmeric Milk latte then your body’s stamina becomes very strong and the body is able to fight many diseases.

Come, let us know about some of the Ayurveda herbs which are consumed with turmeric milk, then strengthen your body’s stamina.

Cardamom: It works as an anti-oxidant. Cardamom helps in relieving gastrointestinal issues like indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain. It also helps in fighting anti-inflammatory diseases and other chronic diseases. Increases metabolism and helps to burn fat in the body.

Cinnamon: It has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It contains both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.It lowers blood sugar risk, good for type two diabetes and also reduces blood pressure. It relieves you from any kind of digestive problem. It also reduces the bad effects of eating high fat foods and thus stimulates weight loss.

Black pepper: Black pepper or ‘Black Gold’ helps to absorb all the nutrients present in the spices present. This is an essential spice which should be present in your turmeric latte powder. Without this you may consider that all the nutritional value will not be absorbed inside the body.

Ginger: One of the uses of ginger is well known. It heals sore throat, cold, cough. Other than this it also helps in body to fight high blood pressure, heart disease, and diseases of the lungs. It also has anti-aging properties. Some studies suggest ginger is useful for weight loss.

Ashwagandha: This helps in fighting anxiety, stress and depression. It has been used for long in Ayurveda.

Palm sugar: Palm sugar is a natural sweetener available from variety of palm trees. It has 54 calories. It also has 15 gms carbs.

Inulin: It is also a natural sweetener available from plants generally from chicory. It has 3.9 kcal/g. 

Saffron: It is a powerful anti-oxidant. Helps in weight loss. Improves your mood. 

Reshi mushroom: It reduces stress, fatigue, high blood pressure and enhances immune system.

Stevia: It is a natural sweetener. It is a native from Brazil and Paraguay.  It has zero calories. It is almost 30 to 150 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia is a plant-based extract. It is also carb free and gluten free. 

One of the best premium quality ingredients for sweetening purpose. It is an artificial sugar. It is PH and heat stable, also does not ferment in the body hence maintaining 0 calories.

After such essential info about this unique blend of immunity booster drink, we can directly go to the ‘best of it’ reviews. Please keep reading. You will get a deep insight of the best ones we picked.

So, without wasting much of your precious time we can go to the best Lattes. We ranked it from 1st to 5th.

Top 5 Best Turmeric Milk Latte Powders

1. ) VAHDAM USDA Organic Turmeric Ashwagandha Latte

VAHDAM USDA Organic Turmeric Ashwagandha Latte

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Salient features

First comes this natural product that is shipped to 85+ countries. Curcumin which is present naturally in turmeric is also available in this product. One table spoon of powder can be added to 200 ml of boiled water or even one glass of boiled milk. Stir well before you have your turmeric latte.

You can also cold the turmeric milk before having it.(As it is Covid times, we are not advocating anything cold to intake.) The product is completely organic. It helps to heal and calm your body. It has main two ingredients which are Turmeric and Ashwagandha.

Turmeric which helps to reduce fat, stress with added Ashwagandha it accelerates fat loss and makes you stress free. It also contains black pepper and ginger.

Black pepper helps in faster absorption and ginger helps in curing throat soreness. With mint and stevia, you feel fresh after having the drink. You can have it before going to bed or with your morning breakfast with oatmeal or smoothies. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It gives relieve from pain, injuries, overall immunity and also helps in cardiac functions.


  • The product is well packed in a tin case.
  • The mix with boiled milk is healthy and the added Ashwagandha gives a pleasant aroma.
  • It is caffeine free.


  • Though it had added Ashwagandha, the mixture still tastes bitter. You may need to add some honey syrup.

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2. ) The Divine Foods Organic Milk Latte

The Divine Foods Organic Milk Latte

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Salient features

The product has organic turmeric powder, black pepper, palm sugar, cinnamon, coconut and inulin. It is suitable for both children and adults.

It works as a detoxifier and also as an immunity booster. It calms your mind and you feel fresh after drinking the golden latte prepared with this product. It is just more than a Haldi milk due to the many added spices.

All the ingredients added just increases the drinks nutritional value. In today’s time with increasing health scare due to pollution and pandemic, golden milk latte is need of hour.

The product helps in regulating your sleep cycle and is like a natural bedtime detox drink. It also contains anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. With the perfectly blended spices, it proves beneficial for sore throat.


  • The product when taken with hot milk works as body cleanser and refresher.
  • Due to the curcumin present in turmeric, it naturally boosts your immunity which helps you to fight against any disease or virus.
  • It also works as an anti-ageing drink. As a detoxifier, it removes the tiredness from your skin and makes you look young and healthy.


  • It is to be stored very carefully in a proper dark place and well-sealed. If not done so it loses its longevity.

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3. ) Chaayos Turmeric Latte

Chaayos Turmeric Latte

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Salient features

Chaayos is well known for its variety in tea. Established since 2012, two IITians have led to establish the brand in 7 cities with more than 80 outlets.

Their Turmeric latte is a perfect blend of herbs. Turmeric being the main ingredient, it has good amount of added cardamom.

These to help in increasing your immunity. Though it says that it does not compromise taste, many have found the taste of cardamom too strong. You can add this to boiled milk or hot water and you ate good to go.

The mixture is instant. The mixture comes in a satchel. 150ml of hot water is enough for one satchel.

It saves a lot of your time as you do not have to worry about adding spices to turmeric in right proportion. A pinch of it is enough to give you a healthy lifestyle.


  • It is an instant immunity booster due to added cardamom with turmeric.
  • Calorie conscious people or lactose intolerant people can have it with hot water.


  • The taste of cardamom is very strong, disliked by many already.
  • With not many other spices like ginger, black pepper not added, it has less variety of nutrients than other brands available in the market.

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4. ) Rooted Peepul Store Turmeric Latte

Rooted Peepul Store Turmeric Latte

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Salient features

It is one of the purest and perfect turmeric latte powder in the market. The mixture is kept precise in quantity and proportion as is maintained from generation to generation.

Turmeric mixed with black pepper, dry ginger or sonth, cinnamon and other spices are well present in the mixture.

It makes you strong from within and helps the body in fighting a disease or infection. As is rightly said, you may look very strong due to your muscular physique but the right strength should be from inside the body.

Muscle power does not help you to fight infections or viruses but strong immunity does. Keeping all this in mind the rooted peepul store turmeric latte has got you the pro longed generation passed on recipe that kept them stronger as compared to present generations.

It is an instant powder good to go with a hot glass of milk. This saves your time as the perfect blend is already prepared for you. You do not need to add any extra spices. The powder is free from any adulteration.

It is caffeine free and sugar free. The turmeric used is renowned Lakadong, a turmeric. This is specially found in Meghalaya and has high curcumin value and purity.

This is high in anti-inflammatory properties and helps with overall immunity. It is also helpful in healing of injuries. Due to its high nutritional value and good taste, the mixture is very beneficial for children.

The black pepper present helps to absorb all the vitamins and nutrients properly from the mixture inside the body.


  • The turmeric used has one of the highest curcumin contents. This makes it the best product to boost your immunity.
  • Unlike many products, the manufacturers have specially worked for the taste of the mixture.
  • High quality hand-picked spices further increase the quality and benefits of the Haldi milk powder.


  • You need to refrigerate the mixture after opening the package. This makes it difficult for students staying in hostels who do not have refrigeration facility.

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5. ) Siddhayu Turmeric Latte Yogue

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Salient features

Last but not the least, here comes, Sidhayu Turmeric yogue.

Siddhayu goes the scientific way perfectly blended with Ayurveda. It brings to you, products that are natural, authentic, relevant and the best plant based found in today’s times.

The brand maintains high in quality and reliability. With the authenticity it has made itself familiar in modern-day consumable forms.  

Ingredients are carefully chosen and blended in the most appropriate proportions together to give you the apt balance.

The product contains organically grown Turmeric, Saffron, Ginger, two types of Cardamom, Black Pepper and Cinnamon. The Haldi or turmeric used is Waigaon Haldi found in Vidharbha region of Maharashtra.

It is well known for its high curcumin content. This makes the product high in natural source of antioxidants. This gives its immunity-boosting capacity.

The immunity boosting blend strengthens your natural defences. This protects you from sore throat, cold, cough and other seasonal infections.

It is highly effective and safe for children. Organic saffron from Kashmir improves the bioactive property.

Cardamom helps in anti-inflammatory problems. Black pepper helps in absorbing all the nutrients properly inside the body.

Cinnamon decreases the risk of any chronic and heart disease. Ginger heals cold, cough and sore throat. 

One pinch added to one glass of milk will give you all the essential nutritional value you are looking in a turmeric milk latte.

You can also add a pinch of this product to your morning breakfast. To sweeten its taste, you can add ghee to the latte.

The mixture also helps to maintain weight but losing fat. Take it before going to bed or in the morning with breakfast, 25 to 29 milligrams daily is sufficient to make it beneficial for your health.


  • One of its products where with other spices you will also get advantages of saffron as a spice.
  • The saffron blended in the product helps in your improved mood and enhances your weight loss.
  • Waigaon Haldi which has high curcumin proportion gives you a strong immune system.
  • You can also add to your curries and pulao.


  • The packaging does not come in a container. This makes it difficult in storage.

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Benefits of Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is an ancient Indian spice used to prepare food and many Ayurveda medicines.

Curcumin present in Haldi or turmeric makes this very beneficial for health. A glass of turmeric milk latte before sleep has proved to increase immunity and keep infections at bay.

Due to the pandemic, people all over the globe has opted for many Ayurveda ways of life to improve internal structure of body. Golden milk or turmeric milk has gained popularity recently.

Properties of Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is a good product for anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants are those which help to protect your body from any kind of oxidative stress. In short, it protects you from any kind of cell damage.

This is made possible due to presence of curcumin in turmeric. It is used for preparation of Ayurveda medicines since centuries. Studies say that anti-oxidants help to fight against infections and viruses.

A person including anti-oxidants in their diet has a stronger immune system. That is why, turmeric milk latte or golden milk is usually taken in the morning or before bed time. It is easy to prepare one.

Take 200ml of milk or water or any other vegetable substitute and boil it. Add a pinch or about 30mg of turmeric mix to it. If you consider turmeric in your daily cooking, then 15mg is sufficient.

Mix it well. You can also add ice for a cooler drink. Many times, other spices like cinnamon and cardamom are added to increase its anti-inflammatory properties, black pepper to allow better absorption and ginger to cure sore throat.

There are many other uses of golden milk latte. Let us see some of them mention below:

  • Reduces inflammation and joint pains

Join pains is a major problem. People now a days have become more prone to joint pains, arthritis and other type of chronic diseases.

To avoid this, diets containing anti-inflammatory properties are required to be considered.

Research proves that turmeric due to its curcumin has a good percentage of anti-inflammatory property.

Turmeric milk intake before going to bed will reduce joint pains, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

This may take some time but has proved bore beneficial and effective than pain killers. Cinnamon and cardamom also have such anti-inflammatory properties.

You can add them to your turmeric latte milk to make it more useful. A medication is always temporary. A permanent solution is always by making your inner health stronger. 

  • Improves memory Power

Haldi milk is good for your brain and memory power. Studies proves that curcumin promotes development of brain cells.

This cis due to turmeric increases level of brain- derived neurotropic factor or BDNF. With increase in age, people are seen to get affected from memory loss. Many suffer from Alzheimer’s.

Studies say this is mainly due to accumulation of certain protein in brain. Curcumin in turmeric prevents such accumulation of protein in brain.

To improve your brain function, you can also add ginger or cinnamon in golden milk latte.

Studies to understand the effects of turmeric and other ingredients on your memory and brain power is still in progress for a final conclusion.

  • Improves mood and removes Anxiety

Curcumin in turmeric helps to uplift your mood and remove your anxiety. Depression and anxiety are growing a major issue with increase in work load and personal life imbalance. Many people undergo therapies and medication.

Did you know the turmeric milk latte is a good and natural solution for this too? A one-and-a-half-month study revealed curcumin is a good antidepressant.

As having curcumin in Haldi milk is a natural method, it was termed batter than most of the anti-depressant’s medication.

We have already seen that curcumin boosts BDNF levels. This is the main reason of reducing depression and anxiety.

As anxiety is a major issue these days, many more studies were conducted. All these studies concluded that, curcumin is an effective and one of the best solutions to uplift your mood.

  • Protects against heart and chronic diseases

In today’s times when people are juggling from one work to another, they tend to eat unhealthily. Most of the times they add to body fat and increase bad cholesterol levels.

A glass of turmeric milk helps to control your body fat too. Turmeric when mixed with ginger and cinnamon proves to be a good variant to reduce heart diseases.

This mixture reduces and cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol. A study conducted showed that within a few weeks, 23 to 28 % of decrease of cholesterol levels was noted.

With decrease in body fat and cholesterol levels, your weight is also under control. In fact, golden milk latte helps you to gain muscular mass but decreases weight.

  • Lowers Blood sugar level or diabetes

Turmeric with added cinnamon decreases blood sugar level and controls your diabetes.

It helps to absorb most of the sugar in your gut further controlling blood sugar level.

A study also says that a pinch of ginger in golden milk latte also decreases haemoglobin A1C which is a maker of increase in blood sugar level.

Though many more studies are being conducted before coming to a final conclusion.

FQA’s: Turmeric Milk Latte

Does turmeric latte help you sleep?

Turmeric latte has calming properties. A glass of Haldi milk with a spoonful of honey before bed time can help you for a sounder sleep.

How to make turmeric latte mix?

As mentioned earlier, take a glass or 200ml of milk or water or any vegetable substitute in place of milk and boil it. Add a punch or about 20 to 29 mg of turmeric and stir well. You can also add other spices to improve its nutritional value like cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, etc.

Where to buy turmeric latte mix?

There are many options available in the market. Many Indian brands have come up with turmeric latte mixture. Different brands have different mixed spices with turmeric. You can check them on Amazon also.

Why turmeric latte is good for you?

Turmeric latte contains curcumin which has medicinal properties. It is fastening damaged cell growth. It also has anti- inflammatory properties. This helps to prevents heart diseases control diabetes, improves digestion etc.


If you are allergic to Haldi specially seen in some cases of pregnancy, then these products are definitely not for them.

Also, for pregnant women before going for a product you should consult a doctor as some have high curcumin value.

5 Best Turmeric Latte powders are mentioned above. Every other powder brand has a different spice mixture with its main ingredient turmeric.

Before finalising one, you can always go through the benefits of different ingredients clearly mentioned to make your search easy.

You can then buy one that suits your requirement and taste from the best Haldi or turmeric latte.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. 

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